what's left on the ribs

I set the rivets on the 4 remaining center ribs on Sunday. . . done

then I set about seeing what else I had to do to finish up the last of the ribs so that I can finally, really, start in on the spar.
I found one nose rib that never got the stiffener riveted on it.
one stiffener angle for said nose rib that needs to get a coat of primer sprayed on it.
All of the aileron nose ribs need primer
All or darn close to all of the rib attach angles need primer (I may just lump that in with the spar stuff :) )

deburing and almost riveting

drilled the remaining center ribs today. Then I set about cleaning and deburring them.

I was planning on riveting today, but I didn't have the right length rivet. Yeah I could have cut the right size, but It was Supper time by the time I got to that point anyway. the rivets are ordered, so I'll be ready the next time I'm out there.

more center ribs

drilled and clecoed the double center ribs last night. After asking the Bearhawk group for guidance I only added a single stiffener on the inboard side of the doubled up rib.

Riveting the Center Ribs

Justin, Bryan, and I spent yesterday afternoon riveting the stiffener angles on the center ribs. 4-500 rivets in total

A huge Thank you goes out to Justin for providing guidance on the day. You saved us a whole lot of head scratching.


work progressing

Bryan and I met one or two more times before pumpkin season mucked up our schedules to the point that it wasn't possible to get together for the bulk of September and October.


We did get together this weekend for an hour or two and worked at deburring the center ribs.
We finished that up (for the most part).

getting back to it

Bryan, my nephew, is the one to thank for getting me back at the work table. He and I did some rearranging of the workshop, and I rewired the space. It seems I really did need more than just one outlet. We are starting just about where I left off. We are adding the stiffener angles to the center ribs.

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